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What Was Announced At The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event 2024?

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Jan 18, 2024

What Was Announced At The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event 2024?

On January 17 2024, Samsung held their annual Galaxy Unpacked Event, where they dive into the exciting new releases coming out in the upcoming year. As expected, the star of the show was the debut of the s24 phone, the new samsung phone 2024 coming to the samsung galaxy phone S Series. However there was another reveal that took many Samsung fans by surprise. So let’s take a closer look at everything that was revealed at the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 Event, updating you on what you missed and what is to come over the next 12 months.

(The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 Event was held in person in San Jose, California and streamed on Samsungs official YouTube channel.)



So like we mentioned, the star of the show was certainly the announcement of the galaxy s24 series which we will get into the mobile specs of now. But, Samsung also mentioned the unexpected reveal of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, a health tracker device with no official launch date. Further information will be mentioned about this later on…

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What is the new Samsung phone 2024?

It was no surprise that the Galaxy S24 was announced at the Galaxy Unpacked Event. This smartphone will have a heavy involvement with generative AI, after it took the world by storm at the end of 2022 with the introduction of ChatGPT.

Samsung announced they are working on adapting their Galaxy AI, with a combination of on-device and cloud based ai features which will be available on the S24 in some new features similar to live translation, expanding photos and tone in text. Besides the introduction of Galaxy AI into their smartphones, the only other major difference was that the smartphones screens will be 0.1” bigger in size compared to the previous models.

Of course, there will be a s24 ultra samsung being released, which will be more premium trading its aluminium frame for a titanium body similar to the iPhone 15 Pro and swapping a 10MP camera to a 50MP camera.

(The new samsung phone 2024 release date is currently available for pre-order on the official Samsung website, with the official release date of the phone being January 31st.)

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Galaxy S24 specs:

  • Storage – Up to 512gb
  • Colours – Sapphire blue, jade green, sandstone orange, cobalt violet, amber yellow, onyx black, marble grey
  • Front camera resolution – 12MP
  • Rear camera resolution – 50MP, 10MP, 12MP
  • Memory – 8GB
  • Weight – 167g


What is Samsung Galaxy Ring?

At the end of the event, Samsung revealed another piece of tech which wasn’t expected by anyone. Further improvements will be made to Samsung Health with the arrival of the Galaxy Ring. Though we know little about this at the moment, it is believed to be a new piece of tech that will measure your health through your day to day life. We like how Samsung has created new ways to incorporate tech into our everyday lives, moving away from the smartwatches and focussing more on rings and other accessories.

The Galaxy Ring has no current release date, but we will make sure to provide regular updates on this tech when it’s revealed.

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Thank you so much for reading! So what are your thoughts on the new Samsung updates? Will you be considering the Samsung S24 as your next mobile upgrade? Remember, if the Samsung S24 isn’t really what you’re after but you still want an upgrade, we have plenty of the latest Samsung smartphones available waiting for you. And if you want a complete change… check out our Apple selection, from the classics to the greatest, we have it all!

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