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Google I/O Event Roundup

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | May 15, 2024

Google I/O Event Roundup

Yet again, Google held their annual event where innovative developments into the latest Google, Chrome and Android news are presented. The Google I/O Event. Held in May 2024, this event was broadcast in front of a small live audience and open to everyone online to watch. In one of our recent blogs, Google I/O Rumoured News, we mentioned how fans were expecting further information on the Google Pixel 9 and AI increased features we will be seeing. But whilst the updates on the new google pixel are still silent and we still have no confirmed Google Pixel 9 release date, we had a lot revealed when it comes to artificial intelligence with some impressive ai upgrades.

So let’s take a look at what was mentioned within the 2-hour event, unpacking everything you can look forward to within the next few months when it comes to all things Google!

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(If you are still after some Google Pixel 9 updates, our Google Pixel 9 Leaked blog is just what you need. Providing unconfirmed, rumoured news and leaked images on the upcoming tech, check it out there are regular updates!)


What AI announcements were revealed in the Google I/O 2024 event?

AI was certainly the highlight of the Google I/O event, and we have a lot to unpack over what was mentioned. But to make it simpler, we have categorised the announcements into 2 sections. AI Improved Mobile Experiences and AI Day-To-Day Improvements.


AI Improved mobile experiences:

  • Gemma 2 - Announced to drop in June releasing more features for lightweight, text-to-text language models which will help support AI to make your mobile experience that much smoother.
  • Firebase Genkit - A new addition to the Firebase platform, which is a set of backend cloud-computing services. Firebase Genkit is an AI integration framework which helps make building AI features easier and more familiar. It allows access to powerful AI models and tools. 
  • AI In Search - Google will now do the searching for you using AI. AI overviews have been expanded meaning there are plenty more research capabilities available with more AI-organised search results.


AI day-to-day improvements:

  • Ask Photos - An experimental feature where users can search in Google Photos for their image precisely instead of having to type in a vague keyword and scroll through hundreds of images.
  • LearnLM - A family of models which are tuned for learning and educational purposes. The aim is to make teaching and learning more engaging and simpler. Main features include adjusting the language within a Google Search result, Circle To Search on math problems, Custom Gemini Tools which provide personal experts on any topic and ‘raise your hand’ on YouTube videos to ask questions.



What other mobile announcements were made by Google?


Google Gemini has been getting a lot of attention through the Google event, improvements to Gemini Gmail, Google Maps and AI Gemini replacements were all mentioned along with a couple of new experiences being announced including Gemini Live and Gemini Nano. When more details are released on these announcements we will provide further updates.


Google Play:

The Google app store is also seeing some changes. Updates to Playpoints have been mentioned along with a great new feature for app makers called Engage SDK. Engage SDK is a new way for app makers to showcase their content to users in a full-screen, immersive experience that is personalised to each user.


Shipping of Pixel 8a:

And finally, one of the announcements fans were anticipating the most. The official release date of the Pixel 8a which will now be available for purchase from May 14th. The google pixel 8a will offer a faster refresh rate and improved screen brightness for a much cheaper price, we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

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It is always great to see a Google event as usually, the announcements are fresh, exciting, and impressive, and yet again Google hasn’t disappointed. Whilst we would have loved further information on the 9th phone installment, we are glad we got an insight into its possible AI features and other features the current Pixel phones will acquire.

Looking for a new phone but not interested in Google tech? That’s fine! We have lots of other smartphones like Apple and Samsung devices waiting for you… take a look now!

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