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Samsung S24 Vs iPhone 15 Comparison

Phone advice | by Charlotte Bolton | Dec 07, 2023

Samsung S24 Vs iPhone 15 Comparison

Which mobile is best to buy in 2023? 

With the iPhone 15 out now and the Samsung S24 release just around the corner, you may be indecisive over which tech giant you should upgrade to? Do you stay with what you know or maybe switch to another? That’s why we are here to provide you with all the latest insights into Apple and Samsungs recent mobile releases. Providing you pros and cons of their newest devices, comparing specs to help you decide, which smartphone is perfect for you?

(Please note all information about the Samsung S24 is based on rumours, predictions, and our personal opinions.)


Which is better Samsung or iPhone? 

Considering the S24 isn’t even out yet, whereas the iPhone 15 is, in order to compare these two we need to understand the new features and benefits the S24 may have. To do this, we need to compare the S24 to the current, most recent S23 Samsung phone. (The S23 is said to be quite similar to the S24, only the look of the phone may be changing, so it will be quite easy to compare this device to the iPhone 15.)

When the Samsung S24 was originally announced last month, we took a further look at the rumoured Latest News and Features. Make sure to read that for further information.


Is Samsung S23 worth buying?

  • Colours – Lavender, Cream, Phantom Black, Green, Lime, Graphite
  • CPU Type – Octa-Core
  • Camera – Auto Focus, OIS, Optical Zoom, Digital Zoom
  • Front Camera – 12.0MP
  • Rear Camera – 50.0MP + 10.0MP + 12.0MP
  • Storage – 128GB
  • Battery – Over 20 hours per charge


What to expect from S24? 

  • RUMOURED Colours – Phantom White, Phantom Purple, Phantom Black, Yellow, Grey
  • RUMOURED Front Camera – 12.0MP
  • RUMOURED Rear Camera – 50.0MP
  • RUMOURED Storage – 128GB
  • RUMOURED Battery – Up to 4000mAh


It has also been rumoured the Samsung S24 will take on a similar appearance to the iPhone designs, with curved corners.


What are the new features of iPhone 15? 

  • Colours – Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink
  • Operating Type – iOS17
  • Camera – Advanced dual camera system, telephoto lens, ultra-wide option.
  • Front Camera – 12.0MP
  • Rear Camera – 48.0MP
  • Storage – Up to 512GB
  • Battery – Over 20 hours per charge


Samsung S23 Pros: Samsung S23 Cons:
  • Outstanding OLED Screen
  • Impressive Speakers
  • Excellent Photo And Video Quality
  • No Ultrawide Option
  • No Charger In Box

(We estimate that the Samsung S24 will be similar to these specs, considering they are expected to be very similar.)

Apple iPhone 15 Pros: Apple iPhone 15 Cons:
  • Lighter
  • Impressive Zoom On Camera
  • Improved Battery Life
  • Not To Different To iPhone 14
  • Slow Charging



The look of the iPhone 15 and Samsung S24 are quite similar, they are both available in around 5 different colours, and offer over 20 hours of battery life, plus the rumour of the S24 taking on the iPhones design look adopting the curved corner design. But although the iPhone 15 and Samsung S24 are quite similar in performance and design, there are some notable differences between the two devices that stand out more.

The iPhone tends to be lighter to hold and easier to manage, because they are designed thinner and smaller, however this benefit does come with some drawbacks, one being the iPhone screen is a lot smaller than the Samsung. (The iPhone 15 screen size is 6.1” whilst the S24 is rumoured at 6.2”.)

The S24 is also rumoured to have smaller storage space, obtaining up to 128GB whilst the iPhone 15 can go all the way to 512GB.



Thank you so much for reading! So what’s your thoughts on the iPhone 15 and S24? Will you be changing over to the S24 or sticking with your iPhone 15? Remember, if you do decide to change or buy a new smartphone, with Envirofone Trade you can swap your old phones for cash, we accept tech and even damaged phones, so you are guaranteed to earn when you trade!

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