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Best Phones Releasing In 2024

Mobile news | by Charlotte Bolton | Apr 03, 2024

Best Phones Releasing In 2024

What new phones are coming out in 2024?

We are well into 2024 now and already there have been so many exciting tech reveals announced. From the news of the possible Apple Flip to rumours and leaks of a Samsung Triple Folding Phone to further details on the Pixel 9, we can see already that the rest of the year is looking promising. But with all these smartphone releases coming up, we wanted to help you stay on top of which phone is the best for you, helping you decide… do you switch to a new model, keep your current favourite, or even check out a 2023 model?

In this blog, we take a look at the predicted best buys of 2024 and further rumoured mobiles coming out this year. There's a lot to get through, so let’s jump straight into it!

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Galaxy Z Flip 6

Expected to arrive sometime in the late summer of 2024 is the Galaxy Z Flip 6, the 6th flip phone instalment of the Galaxy Flip Series, with the early Samsung flip phones releasing in 2020. This device is already predicted to be extremely popular amongst Samsung users, as it’s believed the smartphone will be released with lots of AI features along with Galaxy AI, which Samsung introduced at their latest Unpacked Event.

There has been very little mentioned about the 6th Flip Phone so far, but there have been some rumours that the phone will be available in light blue, light green, silver and yellow. We expect to hear more about this device in late July/August time when the Flip Phones are usually released.


iPhone 16

Of course, every September we see the launch of the brand new iPhone and this year it’s the iPhone 16 we will be seeing. There has been a lot of talk already in 2024 about what we could expect to see in the new Apple launch. Most speculation has been around the phone’s camera quality and the possible addition of Apple AI which we know the company have been working tirelessly on, lots of fans think the new AI features will significantly benefit the camera and make editing that much simpler, but no official information has been released yet so we can only assume. However, our only concern is that the previous few iPhones have been very similar in terms of annual upgrades so will there be a huge improvement to the technology?

Whatever happens, we will keep you updated, we have a couple of blogs already on our website revealing information on the iPhone 16 so far, these will be regularly updated. Make sure to keep an eye out!


Pixel 9

We discussed the infamous Samsung and Apple annual releases, so let’s discuss the final iconic brand, Google. There is still very little known about the Google Pixel 9, although we do know it's coming. Some rumoured photos were leaked on the Pixel 9, showing its possible camera specs and some colour options available, but we cannot guarantee these images are 100% real or final confirmation. Pixel is already ahead of the game when it comes to AI advances, so we know that this will be incorporated into their new smartphone, but there is also talk the phone will have a big update when it comes to performance, although no major news has been released yet. There has been no yet confirmed Google Pixel 9 release date, but when the phone is released, we assume a Google Pixel 9 Pro will come with it.

From what we’ve seen from previous Pixel announcements, we know Google always go beyond when it comes to their phone upgrades and new features, so we have great faith in what is in store and what is to come.


Rumoured phones releasing 2024:

  • Apple Flip
  • Samsung S25
  • Triple-folding Samsung phone
  • Google Pixel Fold 2
  • OnePlus Open 2
  • Google Pixel 8a

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As we mentioned in our blog, many of these phones are still not confirmed for release as of yet but we are still excited for when they are finally announced. Will you check any of these phones out when they are available? Remember, we will be keeping you updated on these devices when more information is released. And we have plenty more smartphones available on our website, from classic Apple devices to the latest and greatest Samsung refurbished phones there is something for everyone.

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