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Best Summer Apps

Phone advice | by Charlotte Bolton | Jun 03, 2024

Best Summer Apps

With the school summer holidays 2024 looming closer, we want to help make your summer as easy and as enjoyable as possible. There are many great apps available on your smartphone which are perfect for simplifying your days! And with our list of the best summer smartphone apps for 2024, it’s time to make this summer one to remember! No matter what your summer activities are, we can guarantee we have the perfect app waiting for you. Let’s get into it.

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Maybe you are planning to spend your summer travelling the world and experiencing new places? And as incredible as this is, we understand it can be very draining on our wallets. There are many great travel apps available, but we think we have the best one. With Tripcoin, you can manage your budgets, expenses, and other financial needs in any currency from around the world. Great for organising your money, whether you are travelling to America, Europe or anywhere else in the world, be assured your money won’t be wasted! The app is free to download on iPhone.

Top recomended travel destinations of 2024:

  • Greece
  • Bali
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Portugal
  • Iceland
  • Paris



Or instead of travelling the world, perhaps you are focussing on visiting new places in the UK or within your local city? We have the perfect explorer app to ensure you never get lost whilst visiting new places! What3Words is the easiest way to describe any precise location. The app divides the world into 3 metre squares and gives each square 3 unique words, meaning if you get lost when you’re out tap the search bar in the app and enter an address or place name. This will then give you your 3 unique words which when you enter these names onto the aps map, it will show you precise directions of where you are and where you need to go. The app is free to download of iPhone and Android.



If travelling and exploring isn’t really your thing, why not spend your summer relaxing watching your favourite movies in the cinema? RunPee is a great, practical app which offers a database of the upcoming and most popular movies, it provides the best times within the movie to go to the toilet ensuring you never miss out on the best scenes. What’s even better is that each toilet trip provides a synopsis of what you are missing out on meaning you are always in the loop whilst you are gone. The app is free to download on iPhone and Android.



The summer is the best time to spend with our loved ones, family friends… fur friends. With BringFido, you can search for the best hotels, attractions, restaurants and more that welcome pets. It’s the number 1 trusted resource for all dog owners and is a free app available on iPhone and Android.



Spending your summer at any music festivals or concerts? Perhaps you’ve heard some new music you’d like to check out but don’t know the songs name? Shazam is a very popular, well known app which will listen to the music playing then tell you what the songs called, who sung it and when it was released. The free app available on iPhone, Android and Google Play is easy to work too, purely hold your finger down on the app when its opened.



For any of you out there planning to take any more trips this summer, FlightAware is your new best friend! The app tracks planes in real-time from all over the world, providing the live status of any flight, including check in times, delays or dreaded cancelled announcements. The free app available on iPhone and Android is great for keeping updated on your travel news, or even great for taking a look at where that plane above your head is travelling to!



And whilst you are out making memories this summer, we have 1 app that is perfect for capturing the raw, real time memories. BeReal has completely taken over the smartphone world within the last couple years, it’s a social media type app where once a day, when the bereal notification goes off, the app allows users to upload what they are currently doing letting you capture memories for everyday of the year, a great way to keep your memories forever. The app is free to download on all smartphone platforms.


Night Sky

And finally, the last app we have to offer is great for those of you who are planning on camping out or having late night parties. August is the best month to view meteor showers in the UK, and with Night Sky, ensure you never miss out on another one again! The app highlights, planets, satellites, and other celestial events providing details on where is the best place to witness these sights also showing the light pollution and cloud coverage near you. The app is free to download on iPhone.

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Found any of these apps useful? We have plenty more summer apps available that we’d love to share with you, so get ready for a second part later on in the sunny season. Until then though, we have many helpful products on our website that will make your summer more enjoyable. Get your fitness in shape with our section of smartwatches ranging from Fitbits to Apple watches, you won’t be disappointed.

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